Knitting Foundations

The Sweater Sampler – Week 2

Greetings all,

We had a good start last week – the beginning may seem a little slow going, even frustrating for you. Keep breathing and keep practicing – things will begin to smooth out and you will find yourself “getting it” faster.

For this second week of class I plan on going over a few different ribbing techniques and highlighting the value of having a good selvedge edge – (a good example of planning your work so that you are integrating “finishing techniques” as you knit rather than at the end of the project as an after-thought); we’ll also cover the cardigan border, buttonholes, the sweatshirt pocket, bar increases and stripes … I’m out of breath… I’ll most likely spend more time demo-ing the techniques and then have you work them at home with supporting video if needed. It’s sort of a toss up between having enough time for you to really “get” everything by doing the actual exercise in class versus taking that time to demo all the techniques to you so that you at least have the exposure. We can review in class what people would like to get out of it if we become a little squeezed for time – there are a lot of options.

YouTube videos to support techniques learned and demo-ed in class Week 2:

Variety of short rows demonstrated here YouTube – Short-Row Techniques: Part One

The Bar Increases also known as Knit One Front and Back here YouTube – Knit One Front & Back (k1f&b)

The Cardigan Border here YouTube – Sweater Sampler – Cardigan Border

more to come…

Reading in prep for week 3 – pages 42 – 53.

As always, happy knitting


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