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The Sweater Sampler – Week 3

Greetings all – Again, I think you all are doing a wonderful job in your knitting progress.

To validate your progress… Knowing something “doesn’t look right” means your are starting to read your knitting!… Being able to do a new cast on, knit in the round a little on it, decide you want to do it better, rip it out, and re-cast on means you have now learned this new cast on technique and on top of that you rip something out no never mind – such pluck! You have also begun to be aware of where you are in your knitting – are you knitting or purling, where is your working yarn, where does it need to be, etc. I could go on – but I think you get my point – good job!

So this is where we are so far:

Week One in class – We casted on in cable stitch cast-on, connecting in the round and placing marker at the join.

We knit 8 rows total in garter stitch in the round – thats knit one row, purl one row, knit one row, purl one row, knit one row, purl one row, knit one row, purl one row.

Then we knit 10 rounds in stockinette stitch – remember when knitting this in the round you knit each row.

Then we worked 10 rounds in Knit 1 , Purl 1 ribbing (see video for reminders on how to do).

Then we worked 10 rounds in the Twisted Rib – that’s knit 1 through the back of the stitch and then purl 1.

Next work 8 rounds in knit 2, purl 2 ribbing.

Next row we changed to your other color and knit one row of stockinette stitch, then continue in the knit 2, purl 2 ribbing for 4 rounds in that new color.

Then we switched back to the lighter colored yarn at the marker point and knit one row in stockinette stitch, then back to the knit 2 , purl two pattern for 8 more rounds in the lighter colored yarn.

Then we knit 3 rows of stockinette stitch, adding a marker when we got to half of the initial stitches you cast on – this will be after 32 stitches or more (remember the multiple of 8).

Week Two in class – We did review of previous weeks techniques; we had a little ribbing demo/review; we discussed the value of, examined in a variety of garments and practiced in our cardigan border the  slip stitch selvedge edge. And of course experiencing the mind-boggling effect moving from “knitting in the round” to “knitting flat on round needles” to “knitting in the round” again can be…

Homework is to continue on with the cardigan border directions – completing a total of 4 rows of the cardigan border. Then if you are feeling adventuresome follow the method section of the buttonhole on page 34 for Woman’s, working one row of this and then returning to 2 more rows of the Cardigan Border. Just so there is no confusion the demo video for the Cardigan Border, is just that, so it doesn’t include the buttonhole portion. If  you have cast off before, you will enjoy going to the next page 35 for directions on casting off those 6 stitches you had initially cast on for this little cardigan border section. Keep breathing, no worries – we will begin class from where we left off in Class Two – The Buttonhole and any other review that is needed.

Please review sections on the page 35 (The Sweatshirt pocket) through page 41 (The Raised Stripe).

Reading in prep for week 3 is pages 42 – 53.

I will be at the shop on Friday afternoon – the schedule is full, but call or email me if you need a little bit of a bump before class 3 meets next and we can work out a meeting time.

Yesterday I attended a class on how to read Japanese patterns and here is a wonderful element to Habu’s patterns that I would like to share with you all …. In their final pre-pattern intro they write “BEFORE YOU BEGIN 5: PLEASE FORGET WHATEVER YOU KNOW ABOUT READING AN ENGLISH PATTERN. Please try a little Yoga, and empty your mind before you read the next  section”. I think this applies to reading any new pattern or learning any new technique.

Have fun knitting and see you in class, click, click, Jessica


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