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The Sweater Sampler – Week 4 Additional Video Resources

Hi All,

Ooops, leftout posting additional video resources. Will do. Going to rest for a bit and see if I can get to it later tonight or early tomorrow am.

Good knitting, Jessica



  Tammy Drew wrote @


I need help with the Cardigan boarder. After I make the 6 stitches and perl them do I continue to perl around to the six stitches or do I knit around to the 6 stitches? I tried following the the directions in the book P1, K1 but it did not look right. I know when I come to the 6 stitches again I have to turn my work so I am looking at the perl side is this correct.


  knitthyself wrote @


After casting on the 6 stitches you want to purl all the way to the opening you created (that means you are purling that whole first row), then turn your work so you are facing the “outside”. Remember you are now working in the “flat”. This next row you will start the Cardigan Border Method on page 33, Starting with Row 1 – the outside row. This means you will be paying close attention to the first 6 stitches and the last 6 stitches of every row.

I’m going to settle in for the evening. Hope this helps. Email me and I’ll get back to you tomorrow if more explanation is needed.

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