Knitting Foundations

The Sweater Sampler – Week 5

Hello all,

If you are in the Sunday class and you want a little bit more knitting support in doing the 4 Raglan Seamlines, (and your not signed up for Friday yet) come by the shop on Friday afternoon between 4pm and 5pm. I’ll be there!

In preparation for our final class get-together I’d like it if folks could get at least an inch or two more of knitting on your samplers. This can take the form of the two color knitting pattern Jackie walks us through (if it is clear to you), otherwise have some fun putting stripes in your knitting! I will go over this two color knitting technique in class as well, including how you read a chart. After this, work one lacing round – see Jackie’s description on page 54 – you all know how to do this! – it’s on an even number of stitches – *YO, K2 tog* repeating this pattern all the way around, then knit 5 rounds of stockinette stitch. At this point your sampler will be ready for what we will be DOING in class – the knitted cord cast-off, the lace cast-off and the ribbing cast-off. I will demo the hem, along with the after-thought pocket – which will be part of your “post class homework”. Don’t sweat getting everything done – you can always sign-up for some time for follow-up/questions on the sampler with me on Friday afternoons.

Again I will include info you’ll need to get ready for the Basic Sweater class for those going onto this shortly.

I will post supporting videos later tonight.

Have fun with this. And don’t forget to take a moment to remember how much you could knit before you started this class and where you are now! Happy knitting, Jessica

P.S. On Sunday I will also be demo-ing the knitted cord (also known as the i-cord ), the knitted belt – both can be completed at home – very easy techniques you will see.


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