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Knitting Your First Basic Sweater – Prep to Week 1

Well.. Greetings all!  This will be really fun. I am excited about being your “knitting tour guide” through Jackie Fee’s Basic Sweater in the Round – Bottom Up!

I spoke with Jackie a few days ago to get her feedback regarding a few of you gals’ design concepts for your sweaters. She was very gracious in offering ideas – which I will pass onto the group in class. But I must offer one comment here which got me laughing in our conversation. She said most people look at the basic crew neck design and say what most all of us said (or think to ourselves) – that it wasn’t very attractive to you, the neck is too high, you’d never wear it, it wouldn’t look good on you, etc. She said, in an amused tone of voice, “I don’t care if the only thing you do is rake leaves in it …  you do rake leaves in California?… The point is to first get the design concept of the sweater.” I agree with her, but along with this, she also gave me ideas for designing the Aran sweater for a rather big person and how to get a fitted look on a long cardigan sweater without doing actual increases or decreases. So, take a deep breath and consider her comment, but know that I will assist you in plotting out your V-Neck, or any other version we can come up with!

So in anticipation of our first day of class – things to do…

If you have the time, please read/skim through pages 95 – 120. This will give you the gist of what you will be doing over the course of this class. If you don’t get to it no worries – we will be covering this section in detail.

Homework to do before 1st class if you can and tools/supplies you will need to bring to class with you:

– Enough yarn for your sweater – contact me if you have any questions about this, and a swatch knitted using this yarn with at least 2 to 3 different needle sizes. See page 95 and 96 for details on how to do this.

– Needles – Once you have established the fabric you like in your swatch note the specific needle size you used in that section – this will be the size needle you will use to knit your body and sleeves. This is what we will be calculating our Key Number of Stitches from. The ribbing needles will most likely be two sizes smaller than those used for the body. But we can iron out these details in class and you can plan on getting your needles at the time of the class if need be. So there are no surprises, you will be getting 1 set of double pointed needles in the body size, 1 – 16 inch and 1 – 24 inch needles in the body size as well (this is for the lower sleeve, upper sleeve and body) and 1 set of double pointed needles in the ribbing size,1 – 16 inch and 1 – 24 inch needles in the ribbing size as well (this is for the cuffs, neck and waist)

– If you are looking to invest in needles – get 16″ and 24″ circulars and matching double point sets in US sizes 3,4,56,7, and 8 in one brand/kind.

– Needle Gauge

– Curved Darning needle

– Stitch Markers, as thin as possible, in various colors

– Scissors, crochet hook and tape measure

Let me know if you have any questions.

In anticipation of more happy knitting! Jessica

P.S. In the next couple of days I will post my progress in photos of my current Basic Crew Neck Sweater!


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