Knitting Foundations

Knitting Your First Basic Sweater – Week 1

Hi All,

I’m not really sure how much I need to communicate here – all of you are on your way to starting your first sweaters!

As I said in both classes, I hope to introduce additional technique/information that pertains to sweaters that are knit in the round such as the article written by Pam Allen on a round yoke – A Round Yoke by Other Means

I mentioned another set of articles written by Jared Flood, his website BrooklynTweed, on converting flat sweater patterns to one’s knit in the round – the first of the two articles came out in Vogue Knitting 2009. For a snippet of Part 2, go to  Jared Flood Going Seamless. Let me know what you think.

I hope to introduce a little information about the technique of knitting sweaters from the top down as well. More to come…

Again, contact me if you’d like to meet and get feedback when you get to your “check point” – approximately 3 inches into the body section. If you… per chance, find yourself getting stuck…. don’t!  Just email me and we will get you on your way again.

I am really excited about where you all have taken your sweater designs and what we will be able to explore because of them in the next few weeks!

Happy Knitting, Jessica


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