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The Saturday Sweater Sampler Class – Week 2

Hello all in the Saturday Sweater Sampler Class!

I seem to have gotten a little behind in my posts. I have been getting together the schedule of classes I will be teaching at the shop for the next three months… A good thing.

To follow-up on our second class, I think it went really well – you have now all knit a Cardigan Border! It is a feat, just ask any one who has knit this sampler!

In class, let me know if this pace is getting overwhelming at all and I will demo a couple of hand/arm stretches to help release any tension that naturally builds up from knitting any length of time. Breathing is always good.

I mentioned this in class, but if you could read from the Sweatshirt Pocket, on page 35, through the Raglan Seamline Decreases, on page 46, that will be great prep for Saturday’s class.

Also, take a peak at the short video on the Bar Increase. The Bar Increase, also known as Knit One Front and Back can be viewed here – Knit One Front & Back (k1f&b)

There really is a bit of a learning curve in the very beginning of doing this sampler, try to be patient with yourselves – you really will have one of those “Aha!” moments; And try not to worry so much about how consistent your stitches look or how pretty your over all sampler appears – it’s a sampler, think of it like scratch paper made of fiber. Again, just a reminder, I am at the shop on Friday afternoons for free consultations – just call and signup, and we can go over any questions you might have.

Tip of the day – make sure you have a well lit, comfortable and quiet place to knit uninterrupted, if possible, for a period of 1/2 hour. Keep a pad and pencil next to you so when you have that thought of something else you need to do in your day, you can make note of it… to do later. Also place the phone near by, again so you don’t have to get up.

On this Saturday, I will demo the Sweatshirt Pocket, the Bar Increase and Stripes. Wrapping up the class with an introduction to the Raglan Seamline Decreases. I’ll be bringing in a just completed Basic Crew Neck Sweater to demonstrate some of these techniques.

Lastly, if you look under the “Pages” section on my blog and click on “The Beginner’s Page” you’ll be able to review any of the techniques we have covered so far, with the exception of the Cardigan Border. I observed in the process of finishing my BS degree recently, that I could be most productive if I figured out ways to get “unstuck” as quickly as possible in the environment of learning something new. Having different ways of being exposed to the same information can be helpful in this regard. Hence, the videos. Try it, let me know what you think.

Until Saturday, Happy Knitting, Jessica


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