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Knitting Your First Basic Sweater – Prep for Our Second Meeting

I hope this finds all of you well and on your knitting way. Email me if you have any questions or concerns – none is too small when knitting one’s first sweater!

And again, to reiterate, we all have our own knitting pace, so don’t sweat where you “are” in this process. We will tweak our meeting schedule as needed to reflect this.

When we meet again – most of you will be almost at, just at or a little beyond the first “Check Point”.

Again, at this check point 3 INCHES ABOVE THE RIBBING you will be re-assessing your gauge – is it the same as the one you initially produced in the flat? If so go on and put half of your stitches on another long circular needle, putting rubber bands at the ends to keep your stitches from coming off and try your sweater. See if you like the fit of the ribbing. Then pull it up to just under your arms and assess the fit there. If you feel any uncertainty and you get to this point before we meet this coming week, email me and we can arrange to meet in the shop.You will also, possibly, be assessing putting in short rows – if so, let’s talk.

Otherwise… if everything looks great, keep knitting until you are about 2 inches below your actual underarm. This does mean continuing to try on your sweater – a minor inconvenience that forces you to admire your work!

I believe I spoke with all of you – but in thinking about the sleeves, you may be more comfortable knitting your first sleeves on two circular needles. And if this doesn’t make sense, will talk more.

If you can, before we meet next, re-read the page 102 to 111. We’ll be discussing fit, short rows, knitting sleeves, joining the body and sleeves and a preview on what happens next… The Raglan Decreases!

And if you are doing a variation of the Basic Crew Neck, please read the section that applies to you-

V-Neck pages 167 to 170,

Crew Neck w/ Garter Stitch Rib pages 155 to 156,

U-Neck pages 165 to 167

We won’t get into neck lines for a little bit, but it will help to begin to integrate the overall structure of the sweaters you all are making.

Well, I hope you all are having fun with this. And of course, happy knitting, Jessica


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