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Knitting Your First Basic Sweater – Tuesday Am Class Follow-Up

Well, First let me get these photos posted of you all and your sweaters in progress!

Later today I will do another post with additional videos (knitting on 4 double pointed needles, etc.).

In knitting admiration, Jessica

Suggestions being made for Cory's Cowl.

More intriguing Sweater Discussion.

Nancy's wonderful ribbing!

Cory's beautiful rolled edge with knit one purl one ribbing!

(bottom to top) Linda's Dress! Sue's Basic Crew with Twisted Stitch Ribbing! and Lia's rolled edge with K2P2 ribbing!

Close-up of Lia's rolled edge followed by K2P2 ribbing!

The Sweater Discussions Continue!


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  Tammy Drew wrote @

Hi Jessica,

The pictures look great!. I finally completed my ribbing but before I continue too far with the body of my sweater, I would like to meet with you because I have a few errors I am hoping to correct. I am available any evening the rest of this week are you available to meet/


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