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Jackie’s Comment on Short Rows

Thought you all would benefit from this response I got from Jackie regarding short rows –
Question I relayed to Jackie:
In your book you suggest deciding about short rows when you get to the 1st check point – 3 inches above the ribbing – the place they are usually put in order to keep the sweater from hiking up the back. How do you determine how many rows to do? Do some and try it on?
Jackie’s Response:
Re short Rows = to be very accurate you would decide how much longer the back should be than the front. Then consider your rounds to the inch measurement (which I usually don’t bother with as I simply work things to needed length no matter how many rounds to the inch). A short row would add 2 rows of length each time worked. So, to work short rows 3 times in the back say w/a 6 rounds to the inch measure you would have added an inch. But you would of course space those short rows about an inch apart to avoid a bulge in the back. They must be added gradually.
Happy Knitting, Jessica

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