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Knitting Your First Basic Sweater – Both Classes

Hello all,

Well, going down to Stitches West event on Saturday was great. Will give a report in class, as well as a little demo of the Garment Design software if there’s interest and time. The market place was busy! I chatted with Cheryl Oberle, a knitwear designer and teacher, author of Folk Vests, Folk Shawls and Knitted Jackets. She was thrilled about what you all are being taught on the round and such; she is also a fan of Elizabeth Zimmermann and does “all of her designing on the needles”.

In class I will be demonstrating knitting with 2 circular needles again as well as knitting in the round with double pointed needles and with the magic loop method. We will also cover how your sleeves are going; and the join of the sleeves to the body to set up for the raglan decreases. Please bring your copy of the Raglan Decrease Chart I gave you at the beginning of class from page 112 of Jackie’s book so we can go over how to use that.

Videos demonstrating knitting in the round on double pointed needles:


YouTube – Circular Knitting : Circular Knitting: Double-Pointed Needles

and knitting in the round on 2 circular needles:

YouTube – Cat Bordhi – Part 1: Knitting on 2 circular needles

YouTube – Cat Bordhi – Part 1: Knitting on 2 circular needles

and knitting in the round using the Magic Loop method:

YouTube – Magic Loop

We will review some of the techniques that you may be seeing for the first time in these videos!

Again don’t worry about where your are in the process – you are in the “meat” of your sweater right now – so enjoy it; by the time you get to the neck line things will seem like they are going by really fast!… as you begin to knit on less and less stitches do to your raglan decreases.

Happy knitting – Tuesday class see you this Thursday, 3/4 and Sunday class see you this Sunday, 3/7.


P.S.For those of you doing the “Just Enough Ruffles Scarf” here is a video demonstrating the increase used to make the ruffle – Knit into the front of the stitch, then the back of the same stitch, then the front of that same stitch – YouTube – Increase 2, or KFBF


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