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Knitting Your First Basic Sweater class – Additional techniques and Photos of Course!

Hi folks,

Hope you all are having fun with your knitting; no fair showing your SIPs (Sweaters in Progress) off!

Well I  will ! Here it goes – sweaters in progress photos…

Kathy's SIP

Kathy's SIP flat - Nice!

Nancy's SIP - Beautiful Work!

Ana brought in a beautifully cabled sweater!

Beautiful Cable Lace Combination!

More Detail of Ana's Sweater.

As per request, here is a nice video going over the basics of cabling – YouTube – Knitting a Basic Cable – KDTV 301 with Eunny Jang

And a  reminder on the bar increase for the increases you will be doing on your sleeves –YouTube – Knit One Front & Back (k1f&b)

And here is the M1 (make 1) slanting to the right video – YouTube – Make One Right (m1r)

And the M1 (make 1) slanting to the left video – YouTube – Make One Left

Let me know if you need any more assistance on working with double pointed needles – I’ll be in the shop on Friday afternoon.

A small plug for my Getting Back On Track class coming up – I’m really excited about what we will be able to cover

– of course, reading stitches/fabric

– how to count what you have done… helpful ways of keeping track of where you have been and where you are going

– more about reading patterns, charts, etc.

– fixing things – knowing how and when to do what kind of correction – vertical fixes for dropped stitches (knit and purl stitch pickups), unraveling – when to and using a break, twisted stitches (recognizing and correcting),

– finishing – sewing in ends, using a crochet hook to weave in ends, and of course blocking

– and more.

There will be hands on practice in class – a knitting lab of sorts!

I’m offering 2 sections so far:

Saturdays, March 13 and 27, 4 to 6 pm

and Wednesday evenings, April 21 and 28, 6 to 8 pm.

Knit On! Jessica


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