Knitting Foundations

The Wednesday Eve Sweater Sampler Class – Week 1

Hello all new Sweater Sampler’rs,

I hope this note finds you well and into your sweater sampler knitting. I’ll be in the shop Friday afternoons, so let me know if you need any extra assistance in getting things started. The first couple of rounds, sort of the foundation for any garment, can at times be the thing that requires most of one’s attention. So try to keep breathing, and remind yourself, you Are learning a new tool and it’s a sampler, a garment you’re designing for your brain! And again, don’t let this particular cast-on bog you down – cast on in the fashion that’s most comfortable to you and practice the cable cast-on separately.

The following is the homework for this week with video links.

Cast on at least 64 stitches in cable stitch cast-on, connecting in the round and placing marker at the join – YouTube – Basic Knitting Tips & Techniques : How to Cable Cast On Knitting Stitches

Knit 8 rows total in garter stitch in the round – thats knit one round, purl one round, knit one round, purl one round, knit one round, purl one round, knit one round, purl one round – YouTube – HOW TO KNIT: THE KNIT STITCH VIDEO then YouTube – HOW TO KNIT: THE PURL STITCH VIDEO

Knit 10 rounds in stockinette stitch – remember when knitting this in the round you knit each round.The Stockinette Stitch – YouTube – HOW TO KNIT: THE KNIT STITCH VIDEO

Work 10 rounds in Knit 1 , Purl 1 ribbing – YouTube – How to Knit – Changing Between Knit and Purl Stitches

Work 10 rounds in the Twisted Rib – that’s knit 1 through the back of the stitch and then purl 1 for first round, then straight knitting the second round (repeat these two rounds 5 times) –YouTube – HOW TO DO THE TWISTED STOCKINETTE STITCH

Next work 8 rounds in knit 2, purl 2 ribbing – YouTube – HOW TO KNIT: RIBBING STITCH VIDEO

Next Wednesday I’ll begin to show you how to recognize and understand the “errors” (I use this word lightly! :)) in your fabric, this will include learning three simple techniques – unknitting, vertical fixes and unraveling. Once you know how to do these, nothing will scare you!

Websites I mentioned in class or said I would get to you:

Link to join Ravelry, the online database/community of knitters and crocheters – Ravelry: Request a signup link

Lovely free patterns on – Knitty: Winter 2009

Redwood Hand-weavers and Spinners Guild – Home (rehsguild2)

Ca Wool and Fiber Festival – Note the date for this year’s event is incorrectly posted on the web site – the festival is actually happening September 17, 18 and 19, 2010.

Let me know if I can answer any questions, happy knitting, Jessica


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