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Saturday Afternoon Knitting Your First Basic Sweater Class – 2

Nice to see you and all of your creations – Sweaters In Progress (SIPs) – this afternoon.

Just to reiterate what we went over in class …

You will be reassessing your gauge 3 INCHES ABOVE THE RIBBING (this can be a curled edge, a garter stitch edge, etc.) at the “Check Point”; if that looks good, try on your sweater, over your hips and then up on your chest – do you like the fit? If everything looks great, keep knitting until you are about 2 inches below your actual underarm. This does mean continuing to try on your sweater – a minor inconvenience that forces you to admire your work! It looks like everyone is on their way. Then begin your sleeves – again, if you get here and you have a brain freeze, email me and we’ll get you on your way!

Next class we will review the different techniques you can use to knit your sleeves (the one’s demonstrated today):

knitting on double pointed needles (2 videos) –YouTube – KNITTING ON DOUBLE POINTED NEEDLES VIDEO ,YouTube – Circular Knitting : Circular Knitting: Double-Pointed Needles

knitting on two circular needles (2 videos) – YouTube – Cat Bordhi – Part 1: Knitting on 2 circular needlesYouTube – Cat Bordhi – Part 2 of Knitting on Two Circular Needles

knitting on one long circular needle – the magic loop – YouTube – Magic Loop

I’ll also go over what joining the body and sleeves really means, as well as giving a preview on what happens next… The Raglan Decreases!

And if you are doing a variation of the Basic Crew Neck, please read the section that applies to you-

U-Neck pages 165 to 167

We won’t get into neck lines for a little bit, but it will help to begin to integrate the overall structure of the sweaters you all are making.

Just a reminder, this is the place where you are doing the meat of your knitting, so if you haven’t done a large project in the past, take lots of breaks, stretching out  your fingers and arms, etc. and remember to set your knitting space up for comfort – good lighting, nice cup of tea or coffee, limited interruptions, etc. You get the picture…

I like the way this project is inspiring you in your next projects as well!

happy knitting. Jessica



  Brenda wrote @

It sounds like you ladies are having fun! Can’t wait to see your sweaters in progress 🙂

Brenda from the Sweater Sampler class
ps. Willy the puppy is doing wonderful and has abundant energy. Who won the pretty beaded stitch marker?

  knitthyself wrote @


Did you submit your idea for the Sweater Sampler? I’m wrapping it up this Friday, with Jackie picking the winners! Hope you are well and enjoying your knitting – let me know if I can be of any assistance.

Happy knitting, Jessica

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