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Knitting Your First Basic Sweater – Sun/Tues Classes – 4

Hello all you Basic Sweater Knitters,

So, once again your sweaters are really looking gorgeous! Each time we meet I am invigorated by the thinking you all have put into your sweater designs. I also appreciate all of the questions and solutions that are brought to the table.

Here are the photos I took in the last Tuesday morning Basic Sweater class… Can we really continue to call these “basic” sweaters?!…..

Sue's Beautiful Sleeves!

Sue's Sleeves in detail - look at those wonderful Bar Increases going up on each side of the seamline!

Nancy's gorgeous ribbed sleeve!

The body of Nancy's sweater - great Blue!

Lia Demo-ing her Knitting Tools Bag - to be found at The Container Store, Corte madera

Lia's Sweater Sleeve and Body, photo doesn't do justice to the beautiful shade of brown and her beautiful stitches!

And lastly, a series of photos demonstrating the joining process, thank you Cory!

Cory's Sleeves in Detail - once again, check out the Bar Increases!

Even more sleeve detail!

Cory's Sweater sleeves and body are ready to be joined!

Cory, generously allowed me to use her sweater to demonstrate the joining process.

Again, sleeves and body joining in progress.

What the underarm stitches on hold look like after joining the sleeves to the body.

The evidence!

The sleeves are now joined to the body - beautiful ehh? 🙂

Again, I will be in the shop this coming Friday from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm if you’d like to come and review anything, get a second, or third opinion or to just laugh and knit.

I’ll be there, happy knitting, Jessica


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