Knitting Foundations

The Wednesday Eve Sweater Sampler Class – Week 5

Hello and I hope everyone’s knitting went swimmingly this week.

For review –

Here are two great little videos demonstrating the knit two together (K2 tog) decrease, YouTube – How to Knit Decreases – Knit 2 Together – K2togand the slip, slip, knit decrease (SSK), YouTube – How to Knit Decreases – SSK aka slip slip knit decrease. These are the two stitches that make up the gist of the Raglan Seamline A, B, B-Reverse and C.

Making an i-cord – YouTube – How to Knit – Making an i-cord

As I said in class, this week we will be focusing on two color knitting, Swiss Darning, Lacing Around and if we have time we will get to the afterthought pocket with an intro to the kitchener stitch.

Below are videos to take a gander at –

For two color knitting – Fair Isle in the round part 1 and 2 –YouTube – EASY FAIR ISLE ON CIRCULAR NEEDLE


The kitchener stitch – YouTube – THE KITCHENER STITCH VIDEO (GRAFTING)

See you tonight! click, click, Jessica


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