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The Wednesday Eve Sweater Sampler Class – Week 6 prep

Hello Sweater Sampler-rs,

It was really nice to see the work (great technique) that you all did this past week on your Samplers! Beautiful colors.

You’ll find the two color knitting and i-cord demo on week fives posting.

Per what we decided in class tonight, we will cover the following in our final class on Tuesday, May 11, 6 to 8 pm:

the kitchener stitch – YouTube – THE KITCHENER STITCH VIDEO (GRAFTING)

(to do the after thought pocket) -knitting on double pointed needles in the round (2 videos) –YouTube – KNITTING ON DOUBLE POINTED NEEDLES VIDEO ,YouTube – Circular Knitting : Circular Knitting: Double-Pointed Needles

the provisional cast on – YouTube – Knitting Essentials: provisional cast-on

and if we have time, the basics of cabling – YouTube – Knitting a Basic Cable – KDTV 301 with Eunny Jang

I’ll also review how to use The Sweater Workshop book for your future projects; as well as walking through a generic pattern from material/yarn requirements to interpretation, and how to determine viable yarn substitutions…

Let me know if there is anything I left out. As a reminder I am in the shop on Friday afternoons for free consultations by appointment if I can be of any assistance in this final stretch of the Sweater Sampler or contact me through email.

Happy Knitting, Jessica


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