Knitting Foundations

And The Winners Are…..

Just in from Jackie –

Hi Jessica,
I’m not sure it is the MOST functional, but it is certainly the most unique “functional” :
UNDERWEAR STORAGE!!!! I love it  – frees up all that drawer space!!! (Susan, I believe this is yours!)

And the funniest, I think is the “CAST COZY” – that is one I have not heard before and would sure be a conversation piece. And maybe those pockets would come in handy for toting something around. (Linda, I believe this is yours!)

What fun to read all of these! And thank you for the chance to be “The Judge”!!!!
Best wishes tonite, Jackie

Below, are all of the entries, for a final laugh…

1 “Underwear storage – tie bottom and pull out a pair a day, hangs on wall by i-cord loop”
2 “Plastic Bag Holder/Dispenser”
3 “Nose cozies or ear cozies with fringe for fake hair”
4 “Circular knitting needle holder”
5 “muff, diaper bag – baby carryall or purse”
6 “fancy leg warmer and family jewels warmer for a one-legged man”
7 “thermos cozy”
8 “a cast cozy – a leg cast over – it would cheer you up!”
9 “grab bag”
10 “a bong cover and concealer with stash pockets” (only in CA!)

Linda and Susan, let me know when you’d like to come by the shop to pick up your prizes!

Happy knitting, Jessica


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