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Gansey Sampler Class – Week 3

Hello Gansey Enthusiast’s,

Apologize for my lateness in posting this week – I’ve been a bit buried in knitting samplers and developing curriculum for the wonderful classes coming up!

In last week’s class (week 3), we covered the shoulder straps and joins – probably the trickiest part of knitting a gansey. So take a moment and pat yourself on the back – your on your way down the mountain!

In case you wanted a review of unknitting your work – YouTube – How to Knit – Tinking in Purl and Rib

For a variety of decreases you can use in the second half of the gansey gusset sampler:

A demo for the slip, slip, knit decrease – YouTube – How to Knit Decreases – SSK aka slip slip knit decrease

A demo for the slip 1, knit 1, pass the slip stitch over (S1, K1, PSSO) – YouTube – Slip 1 Knit 1 Pass Slip Stitch Over (s1k1psso)

A demo of knit 2 together through the back loop (k2 tog TBL) – YouTube – K2tog tbl (knit two together through the back loop)

Techniques we used in the Perpendicular Shoulder Join:

This is a demo of the invisible cast on that is a slight variation of what we did in class – YouTube – Provisional Cast-on with waste yarn

A great demo on slipping your stitches as if to knit or as if to purl – YouTube – How to Knit – Slipping Stitches

For unshaped neck lines that have vertically worked straps as shoulder extensions or for shaped necklines you will join your work at the shoulders with a 3 needle bind-off or grafting.

Demo for 3 needle bind-off – YouTube – Three Needle Bind Off

Demo for grafting (also known as the kitchener stitch) – YouTube – THE KITCHENER STITCH VIDEO (GRAFTING)

We went over this in class, but just to reiterate, the homework is to complete the perpendicular strap and join for the Right and Left sides. Refer to Chapter 8 for the invisible cast-on pg 79, graph of shoulder strap pg 78 and you’ll find specific step by step directions for the straps on pgs 80 – 81. Take a break and with a cup of tea enjoy skimming through the photos depicting the sleeve in Chapter 9.

Enjoy! Jessica

Here are some photos to inspire you in your sampler travels…

Close-up of the shoulder strap join with a baby cable running down the sleeve!

The first sleeve complete.

Both sleeves complete - ready to tackle the neck gusset and neckline over the next 2 weeks.


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