Knitting Foundations

Gansey Sampler Class – Week 4

Hello Gansey Knitters!

Week 4 we covered the Sleeve – the sleeve is knitted from the armhole to the cuff while at the same time decreasing for the other side of the underarm gusset. Slight shaping in the arm (decreases on both sides of seamline) occurs after gusset is complete and just before the Definition Ridge on the sleeves. The lower sleeve is knit in stockinette stitch fabric with a more dramatic decrease in the initial round of cuff ribbing.

Techniques learned:

Picking up stitches – YouTube – Knitting Instructional Video – How to Pick Up Stitches On the Edge

This one demos what picking up stitches looks like on a Selvedge Edge (to discuss in class)  YouTube – picking up stitches

Decreasing – Slip, Slip, knit YouTube – How to Knit Decreases – SSK aka slip slip knit decrease

K2 TOG YouTube – How to Knit Decreases – Knit 2 Together – K2tog

Vertical Double Decrease YouTube – How to Knit – Double Decrease – (SL2tog, K1, P2SSO)

Design issues to keep in mind when developing your own gansey sweater pattern:

Integrating the pattern work used in the body of the sweater into the sleeve – to review in next class again.

Calculations for picking up armhole stitches with and without shoulder strap – to do in next class!

Calculations for shaping the sleeve – to do in this next class!

We will also review the different methods for determining the number of stitches to pick up for the sleeves in class (Pg 91).

Homework: Complete both sleeves if you can; but no worries, we will review this section at the beginning of next class.

Reading for next class: If you have the time – take a look at the Chapter 10 Finishing the neckline pages 96 to 105. We will cover the neckline in this next class, which includes different types of Neck Gussets and Neckbands. Also, think about any design questions/concerns you have and bring them up in this next class.

Topics that came up in class today -Swatching for the gansey, what color yarn for your first sweater, what types of needles to use – wood, plastic or metal.

Happy Gansey knitting! Jessica


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