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Supplies for Knitted Jewelry Workshop

Greetings all you knitted jewelry enthusiasts!

Here is the list of supplies for the knitted jewelry class. You can purchase these items at Legendary Beads located next to REI on Santa Rosa Ave in Santa Rosa.

1 spool of Artistic Wire, 26 Ga – silver or gold plated, your preference! To practice on before using the Sterling Silver Wire.

1 strand of beads – turquoise, pearls, what ever catches your fancy! Just make sure the hole in them is large enough to run the wire through – if you have any questions about that, just ask the sales clerk – they are really helpful at Legendary Beads.

Sterling Silver, 26 Ga, Dead Soft, 1/2 ounce = 38 feet. This is enough to make the turquoise bracelet in the photo on my blog. (I’ve been told that Legendary Beads is currently out of stock – my suggestion is to get the Artistic Wire to practice on in class!)

2 Double Pointed, Size 13, wooden needles. I know the pattern suggested metal needles, but I enjoyed using my wooden ones and knitting with the wire didn’t cause any noticeable damage to them. With that said, bring to class what is easiest for you.

And a reminder to sign up in advance – Last I checked, there were two spaces left in the class.

Shoot me off an email if you have any questions.

Happy knitting – see you on this Wednesday, Oct 27th at 6pm

click, click, Jessica


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