Knitting Foundations

Sweater Sampler Class – Week 4

Nice to see ALL of the wonderful knitting you all have been doing – Photos next time!?:) Nothing quite like seeing photos of your work online.

Again, for review on what we covered in class:

The Bar Increases also known as Knit One Front and Back – YouTube – Knit One Front & Back (k1f&b)

The knitted I-cord – YouTube – How to Knit – Making an i-cord

Swiss Darning aka the Duplicate Stitch – YouTube – Duplicate Stitch Video – We will actually do this on our sampler after we have knit up our two color knitting section 🙂 – next week!

Adding a new color – YouTube – HOW TO ADD COLOR KNITTING VIDEO

I could not find a video for the knitted belt!

The stitches you will be using in the Raglan Seam-line Decreases – knit two together (K2 tog) decrease, YouTube – How to Knit Decreases – Knit 2 Together – K2tog and the slip, slip, knit decrease (SSK), YouTube – How to Knit Decreases – SSK aka slip slip knit decrease.

See if you are able to get your knitting done through the Raglan Seamline Decreases – if not, again, no worries.

Please read up through page 55. This will get you through the Raglan Seamline Decreasing, Two Color Knitting, Swiss Darning, the Knitted I-cord, the Knitted Belt (all of which we reviewed in class tonight). This reading also includes “the Lacing Round”. Again, try not to get frustrated if anything sounds complex – the main goal here is to get some exposure to the “language” of these techniques.

And for a peak at the two color knitting (aka fair isle knitting) that will be introduced next class! Fair Isle in the round part 1  – YouTube – EASY FAIR ISLE ON CIRCULAR NEEDLE and part 2 – YouTube – EASY FAIR ISLE ON CIRCULAR NEEDLE 2. No fair breathing!

Happy knitting, Jessica


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