Knitting Foundations

Beginning Knitting – Week 1

Nice to have you all in class this past Saturday,

Just a little reminder to take your time while learning these new techniques. It initially may seem a little slow going, even a bit awkward, but your hands will soon get the hang of the knitting rhythm!

Below you will find the YouTube videos to support the knitting techniques we covered in class:

The Slip Knot – YouTube – Knitting Help – Slip Knot

Long Tail Cast-on – YouTube – Knitting – Long-Tail Cast-on

The knit stitch – YouTube – HOW TO KNIT: THE KNIT STITCH VIDEO

The Garter Stitch – YouTube – THE GARTER STITCH

And for a preview of next weeks class:


The Stockinette Stitch – YouTube – STOCKINETTE STITCH

Binding off (aka casting off) on a knit row – YouTube – HOW TO KNIT: BINDING OFF KNIT VIDEO

We will also cover an introduction to reading patterns, fixing the most common knitting mistakes and  a great formula for creating your favorite knitting “space”.

And lastly, if you’d like, a discussion about your “1st projects” followed up with individual assistance in gathering materials, etc.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, or if you need any assistance mid-week to get back on track – I’m around – knitting…


P.S. Here are 3 of my favorite beginning knitting books:

The Knitting Experience: The Knit Stitch by Sally Melville

The Sweater Workshop by Jackie Fee

Knit Fix by Lisa Kartus


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