Knitting Foundations

Color Workshop – Class 2 – April 15th


If you would like to practice the techniques we learned in class this week – have fun doing the following homework:

To your existing slip stitch sampler cast on enough stitches (a total that is divisible by 4) to comfortably fit on your 16 inch circular so that when you join it in the round the stitches fit easily. Join in the round and knit two rounds in one color. At the beginning of the next round start knitting with another color for one round. At the beginning of the 2nd round of this color practice your jog-less stripe (see below for video review of technique), then knit with this color for a few rounds. Again add another color applying your jog-less stripe technique! Next practice your “easy fair isle knitting” (review technique below) *knit two stitches in one color, knit two stitches in another color* repeat for a few rounds; or pick a pattern of your liking. If you are feeling really comfortable with this, try doing the fair isle knitting with a color in each hand as demonstrated in class. No fair breathing! Your doing it!

See below to review the techniques we learned in class this week –

1) Knitting On Circular Needles


2) The Jogless Stripe ( and more!)

– YouTube – Jogless Stripes in the Round – KDTV 311 with Eunny Jang

3) For two color knitting – Fair Isle in the round part 1 and 2



And more two color stranded knitting videos. Keep breathing, your hands will start to “get it”!

YouTube – Two Color Stranded Knitting

YouTube – How to Catch Back Yarn in Two Color Stranded Knitting

Towards the end of this demo – she demonstrates wrapping left stranded floats and right stranded floats

YouTube – Stranded Colorwork – English and Continental

And just to give you some options!

YouTube – 2 color tutorial

4) Swiss Darning aka the Duplicate Stitch

– YouTube – Duplicate Stitch Video

The the final class we will review any questions or issues that came up for you while practicing your fair isle knitting. And you will learn how to add color with intarsia. If we have time I will also demonstrate the brioche stitch with two colors and entrelac. Let me know if there are any other techniques you would like me to preview!

More color, enjoy, Jessica

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